Client Testimonials

Ian and Fenghua

My wife and I ran into Jan in one of the open houses about 6 months ago. Shortly after that, we asked Jan to represent us a buyer agent for buying our first house. We made 4 offers before successfully purchasing a house.

Two of the offers were rejected because we were not willing to pay higher price than we thought the houses were worth. Jan didn't pressure us in any way to pay more.

One of the offers was accepted but we had to back out from it due to unsatisfactory inspection results. Jan was very helpful in arranging house inspection, elevator inspection, geotech inspection and tree inspection for us in short notices. This really helps us avoid buying a house which we would regret later.

Even after three failed attempts and lots of work from Jan, Jan continued to help us and we finally found and bought the house we like. The seller received multiple offers. Even though our offer was equal to another offer and lower than another offer by about 5%, the seller still picked us. It was because Jan personally went to present our offer to the seller. Her presentation convinced the seller to accept our offer. There was some issues in the closing process but with Jan's help we worked through them and was able to complete the deal.

Paul and Brandy

Jan is a thorough, personable and professional Realtor. As a first time home buyer, the process was daunting to say the least. But Jan patiently and concisely explained it to us and walked usthrough the entire process. She was always available and prepared to help us with even the most inane questions and challenges. I recommend her to all of my friends and colleagues in the market for property. Whether you're a first time home buyer or in the market for your 2nd vacation home, Jan will provide the utmost professionalism, integrity and advocacy.

John and Heather

Jan worked for us for years; starting with a rental search and culminating, finally, in a purchase. Several actually, some of which did not work out for various reasons. She patiently put up with our indecisiveness and generally last-minute requests for showings with few complaints and quick compliance. Thanks Jan!

Paul and Maria

Jan was SOoooo patient, she must have shown us 60+ houses over a one year period. We were living in MD and househunting "from a distance." We felt that we wanted a safe home for our little children and also some useable ("aka flat") property to accompany it. We made several trips out to the Pacific NW to physically see the houses available and Jan made this stressful way of finding a new home as smooth as possible. She knew the area, and seemed to personally know someone in every neighborhood. We felt comfortable with her assessments as to the safety, the highlights, and the drawbacks of any particular house. Being a mom, she knew what we were interested in for our children. She also knew, from personal experience, about the maintenance involved in having a home with property and how to shop for such properties. She got out and walked the properties with us, she helped us find the property boundaries, review King County codes, and property designations. (We had tried two other Realtor's before Jan; they had let us wander the properties alone as they weren't appropriately dressed for walking through anything but houses!) We trust her and would definitely recommend her to anyone!


I could not have asked for a better experience than the one i had with Jan Lipetz. I am a young guy (21) and i knew nothing about the home buying experience. I was never judged as too young to know anything, and any question i had Jan would give me an immediate answer. If she didn't know the answer she would look it up and let me know ASAP. Her level of communication was amazing, she would always answer a call, return my emails, and was working with me around the clock. Weekends, Weekdays, nights, you name it she was working. I would ask Jan to do a search for me and she would send me the results almost instantly, and would narrow down the search to any of my specified requirements. Jan was punctual about everything and very professional in every regard of the word. It is very clear that this is more than just a job for Jan, she really takes everything one step beyond. Jan's level of professionalism and above and beyond attitude lasted from the very minute i first talked to her, to weeks after we had closed. After closing she welcomed me into my new home with a bottle of Champagne, and a wonderful welcome home card. To take it one step farther, she even sent me a heartwarming hand written letter including a gift card to a wonderful restaurant. Not only was Jan very professional, she was very personable with me, willing to listen to my personal matters and include her input whenever needed. I am very happy to say that i consider Jan to be a friend now (and she is also one of me new neighbors!) and was so pleased with the experience i had. -Weston

Stanley and Michele

My husband & I are very impressed with Jan's service. From our first meeting we could tell that she was sincere and confident. She kept us informed with all the steps that we might encounter with the sale of our home. We hadn't been in the market for 30 years, this was a different ball game, and she assisted along the way from beginning to the last documents signed. Not only did we great a really great realtor, we gained a friend! Thanks Jan..

Jeremy and Katrina

I contacted Jan as soon as my husband and I moved from California. We knew we wanted to buy a house, but as first time home buyers we didn't know much about it. Jan helped us every part of the way. She made so much time for us and made herself available within a few days to show us a new house we just "had to go see". Not only that she was so patient with our low ball gotta get a deal offers. She is very knowledgeable and will steer you in the right direction. Even after our offer was accepted she continued to help us and came several times to open the door for us when we wanted to show it off. She is a great Realtor and person.


Jan did a great job selling my home. We had a complicated situation with the eventual buyers that Jan navigated beautifully. It is without reservation that I recommend Jan. I look forward to getting started with Jan on buying my next house.

Werner and Susan

Have known Jan Lipetz since 1971. Her first profession was as a graphic artist and this background was very useful in putting together a stunning photo gallery of our condominium on Queen Anne. Also, Jan did her homework on putting together a comprehensive list of comparable condo sales in the area: from this we settled on a "price to sell" and did the second day of listing.

Stan and Susan

We wanted to move back into the area and Jan has helped us find just the right property. Jan sold a home for us in the past so we were happy to work with her again. We had very specific requirements and Jan worked hard to get us what we wanted and we're thrilled with the results. Since we were living out of state, the search and ultimately the purchase, was somewhat challenging. Jan was super helpful to make it as easy as possible and introduced us to the right local contacts in the new area, to help us get started on our new project!

David and Maryanne

Jan found the perfect house for us in Seattle, despite the fact that the property was no longer on the market, and negotiated the price we could afford. Then she hung in for two years helping us sell a house on Whidbey Island that took work above and beyond the usual expected of a Realtor. A lot above and beyond!

We will be selling another house and maybe a horse property next year and will definitely use Jan.

Dean and Lucy

Because I've know Jan for many years her integrity, punctuality and buoyant attitude are second nature to me. When I need a real estate agent I immediately called Jan for her sage advice and help knowing full well that she would be trust worthy and efficient. Every detail was handled professionally and concisely, all deadlines met; she took care of everything for me. I couldn't have asked for a better more professional experience.

Paul and Shan

When we were looking around at houses to buy we met Jan at one she had listed. We ended up asking her to become our agent too. Jan was very professional in handling both clients. I loved working with her. When it is time to sell again, she will be the one we call. She goes beyond the call of duty for her clients. Thank-you, Jan, we love our place!


I have always found you accommodating, honest and pleasant in all our dealings with you. You are a pleasure to work with and you can be sure I would recommend you to anyone who has need of an exceptional real estate agent.

I worked for many years in real estate as a bookkeeper. I figured the commission splits and made out the checks for the entitled agents, so I've know many agents. You are indeed in the gold star class of the agent field. It is indeed a pleasure to know and have dealings with you. I also consider you a dear friend.

Bernard and Valerie

Jan is quite the professional. She made sure that we understood every part of the process. Jan's expertise in real estate and her knowledge about the processes and nuances needed to successfully complete the sale are admirable. She knows her stuff! We would definitely use her again and refer her to others. Jan worked very hard to make sure that there was a steady stream of potential buyers looking at our house. She conducted an open house on a Sunday afternoon that attracted more than 20 prospects!
This resulted in 6 offers all over asking!

Top Attributes: High Integrity, Expert, Service Commitment

Posted: February 3, 2015

Transaction Date: February 2015

Location: Sammamish, WA
I have known and worked with Jan professionally for many years. She is extremely knowledgeable and exhibits the highest level of professionalism and expertise in all of her work. Jan is extremely trustworthy and always goes the extra mile to see that all of her customers are well taken care of. This is one of the reasons so many of her customers refer their friends and co-workers to her. A+++ rating.

- stevetedrow

Top Attributes: Expert, On Time, Service Commitment

Jan is a fantastic Broker and there's nobody I trust more than her when I need help with my business. She's very well educated on the market and is very service oriented, I would highly recommend her to anyone!

- rtowse11